Rental FAQs:

What is the capacity of the Woman’s Club Clubhouse? There is standing room for 200 people inside capacity.  Seated capacity is 140 people. In addition, there are 2 additional outside patios.

Do you have to be a member to rent the Clubhouse? The Clubhouse is open for private and public events. 

Can I see the Clubhouse before I decide to rent?  Are there specific hours? Yes. Please call the Property Manager at 949-497-1200 to schedule a time.  Our office is open Tuesday from 9:00 am -12:00 pm and Thursday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

How late can my event go until? Are there any exceptions? Midnight, since the Clubhouse is located in a residential neighborhood near the beach. More information will be provided by the property manager upon request.

Are tables and chairs included in the Rental Fee? Yes. We have 170 chairs, 8 round tables, and 14 buffet tables.

Do you provide any tablecloths? No.

Do you have any cutlery, plates, glasses, decorations, etc. that may be used? No.

Do you have any restrictions on food? No. You may bring in your own food or caterer.  A list of caterers we can highly recommended is available.

Can I tip the Property Manager? No.

What does the Woman’s Club do with the rental fees?  The Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach is a non-profit organization; proceeds from the rentals supports maintenance of the building and our various community outreach programs.

May I have a DJ or band at my event? Yes. There is a stage available.

As the client, are we required to have liability insurance? If so, where do I buy it?  Yes, you do need insurance. The insurance can be provided by any insurance company.

Are my vendors required to have liability insurance? Either the renters or the vendors need to have liability insurance.  

Do you require security for events? No.

What are the rules about set-up and drop-off of décor? Drop off and set up of décor needs to be coordinated with the property manager.

How late can our reception go? Midnight, since the Clubhouse is located in a residential neighborhood near the beach.

Are we allowed to have birdseed or confetti? What about candles?
No birdseed or confetti. You can have LED candles.  

I want to secure my date, what is the next step? Provide the signed lease agreement and the $500 deposit.

Can I visit the club? Yes. Please coordinate with property manager at 949-497-1200.

Where can we park during an event? Parking is available in the front and back parking lot. Metered street parking is also available.

Can we rent the Woman's Club for event honoring minors such as a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, or Birthday? Yes.

How late can we play music? Midnight.

Do you provide audiovisual equipment? No. Audio speakers are installed in the clubhouse.

Can I place a hold on a date? Yes.

Do you recommend caterers? We do not recommend or endorse any caterers but could provide you some names upon request.

When and how do we pay the rental fee? The $500 deposit is due with the submission of the signed lease agreement. The balance is due 30 days before your event.

Is the deposit refundable? The security deposit is refundable in full if there is no damage to the Clubhouse. An inspection is made immediately after your event and the Property Manager will refund your deposit promptly. If there is damage, the Property Manager will notify you immediately and advise you of the cost to repair the damage, which cost will be paid for the security deposit. The security deposit does not get applied to the rental rate.

What are your cancellation terms and conditions? Please refer to the lease agreement for details. The property manager will send a copy of the lease agreement upon request.

Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations? Yes, please see our website ( for details.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions? All rental questions should be directed to our Property Manager, Doety Marks at or call 949-497-1200.